The Courtesies of Prince Robert Smythe
Implicit within the Domain of Seattle
Effective from the Assumption of Praxis
On the 25th Day of April, in the Year 2015

  • All Pillar Clans shall appoint their own Primogen to the Primogen Council. They shall have a required minimum of two residents in the Domain before being considered for Primogency. The Prince reserves the right to refuse or remove a Primogen from the Council.
  • Any non Pillar Clans may be appointed Primogency at the Prince’s discretion.
  • All Kindred within the Domain shall be brought before the Prince for Acknowledgement in residency or Hospitality in visitation no more than one month after arrival. In addition all Kindred traveling through the Domain shall report said movement to their Primogen or the Sheriff.
  • All non Pillar Clans and bloodlines not associated with Pillar Clans seeking residence in the Domain shall petition a member of the Primogen Council or the Senechal for patronage. Any such kindred under patronage shall be brought before the Prince for Acknowledgement or Hospitality.
  • All Anarchs seeking residency in the Domain shall abide by the above in seeking Acknowledgement or Hospitality. Furthermore they shall abide by all Six Traditions as laid down by our Founders whilst in the Domain. As read in the Edict of Succession all Anarchs are Camarilla citizens.
  • All members of the Giovanni/Setite Alliance seeking residence or visitation shall petition themselves to the Seneshal for Hospitality from the Prince. As decreed by the Camarilla Inner Council their Giovanni members are free of the Promise. The Alliance is allowed to petition for Territory Stewardship for which they shall pay for initial ownership. Whilst maintaining Residency within the Domain their members shall pay a monthly tithe. Whilst in the Domain they are subject to Camarilla Law and shall obey the Six Traditions and these courtesies.
  • The Prince shall not be compelled to teach Disciplines as a result of Prestation.
  • All known Caitiff not under patronage are persona non grata.
  • All kindred in the Domain are barred from entering into any such arrangement with non kindred supernatural entities. This restriction can be lifted by the Prince on an individual basis.
  • All incidents related to the occult and the safety of the Domain shall be reported to the Sheriff.
  • Any trafficking with the Infernal shall result in an immediate Blood Hunt.
  • Any trafficking with the Sabbat shall result in an immediate Blood Hunt.
  • All Territory shall be allocated to the Stewardship of Clans at the Prince’s discretion.
  • All Territory under Stewardship in the Domain shall be kept safe by the Clan who holds it.
  • The Territories of the Downtown Seattle Core and Seatac shall serve as the Rack for any explicitly necessary feeding of Acknowledged residents or visitors within the Domain under Hospitality of the Prince.
  • No kindred shall step foot in the following territories without the approval of the Prince:

Vashon Island
The Bell Town area of the Rack
North Cascadia
South Cascadia

  • The Domain recognizes and honors the Elysium of the Space Needle.
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