Downtime Report Example

March 2014
Underground Theater Seattle

Sissy Lulu the Ventrue

1st Downtime Action:
Feeding- Due to my clan weakness I would normally need to spend two Downtime Actions to feed however due to my score in the Herd Background Trait, I need only spend one. I intend to use the standard feeding practices I described in my first game report.

2nd Downtime Action:
Patrol Territory- Those wretched Nosferatu keep poaching in my Territory! I will keep careful watch prowling my territory every night in an attempt to catch one. If I do I’ll pulverize them! I’ll use the bat I used on the Tremere poacher I caught last month.

3rd Downtime Action:
Investigation- Apparently the local Elysium located at some park is haunted or something. I want to go check it out and see what’s happening there. I’d like to deal with this situation because liberating an Elysium from an interloper will likely bring me prestige in the clan and the city.

Computer Action:
I’ll use my computer action to wipe my digital foot print for the month, try and keep those nasty Nosferatu from keeping an eye on me.

Retainer Action:
My Retainer, Mildred James, will follow my sworn enemy that Brujah skank Josephine Peabody. I want to know where that nasty little mullet wearing tramp, feeds, hangs out and who she associates with.

Elite Influences:
I have two dots of Elite Influences.

1st Dot- (My elite group of socialites; members of “The Daughters of Fine Lineage”)

I will use this to DEFEND my Elite Influences for this month. I anticipate my enemy might act against my influences. As a result I’ll have “The Daughters of Fine Lineage” block any gossip or vicious rumors that might be said about my influences at City Hall.

2nd Dot- (My friends in the City Hall, who work in the accounting department.)

I will use this to ATTACK Josephine Peabody. Since this Influence is connected to city hall I’ll have them condemn that dilapidated building where her gang hangs out.

The above describes a typical downtime Report.

Standard Feeding Practices
If you have not submitted what your character’s standard feeding practices are, please do so as soon as possible. If you do not do so the Storyteller team will have to make these kinds of details up about your character which may include taking liberties that you would not normally take. As a result it is good practice to have on file with the Storyteller a brief description of your Standard Feeding Practices. If you decide to change these practices in the course of play you should update these practices with the Storyteller.

Example of Standard Feeding Practices: Sissy Lulu likes to feed on your typical Volvo driving soccer mom, which are very easy to find in her Territory located in Issaquah. Her favorite places to hunt are near community parks, outside PTA meetings and the local Volvo dealership.

Describing your Retainers
You may not access the use of your Retainer if you do not provide a brief summary of who they are and their specialties. How to stat out your Retainers is well explained in the core rulebook. Ask for help if you have questions.


Mildred James
The president of the local chapter of “The Daughters of Fine Lineage” Mildred is a wealthy socialite from a respectable Seattle family. She was educated at Vassar in the late 1960’s and is accustomed to the finer things in life. She is a vain woman who has squandered much of her family’s fortune on cosmetic surgery. She is a 2 dot Retainer with specialties in: INVESTIGATION and SUBTERFUGE.
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