Downtime Report Guidelines

DT Report

Underground Theater Seattle

This Report is due on ????.

Player Name:
Player email address:
Character Name:


XP Unspent:
XP Spent:

If you spend XP, please, include an updated copy of your character sheet with an email explaining what was purchased.

Reminder: If you do not take a feeding action or expend the appropriate Herd Trait you will attend the next game with a deficient Blood Pool.
All Ventrue territory is considered familiar this month and all Venture need only spend 1 Downtime Action to feed in Ventrue held territory.

*Downtime Actions*

• Actions Available – Crafting, Feeding, Investigation, Patrolling, Beyond Your Means
Please reference Downtime Actions Explanation for further Action information.

Downtime Action 1:

Downtime Action 2:

Downtime Action 3:

Computer Skill Action:

Science Skill Action:

Retainer Action #1 (include Retainer Value):

Retainer Action #2 (include Retainer Value):

Retainer Action #3 (include Retainer Value):


Elite Influence Expeditures:

Underworld Influence Expenditures:



When you have completed this report please send it to:

Downtime Report Example

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