Experience Point Breakdown

For Underground Theater Seattle

All Patrons of Underground Theater in good standing are eligible to earn experience points. Visitors who come to observe or play in a trial game do not start accumulating experience points until they have officially joined Underground Theater. All Patrons who are eligible to play and accumulate experience points must have a character in the Underground Theater Database.

The maximum amount of Experience Points a Patron can earn in a single month is 10. There may be rare occasions when we can earn over cap experience points. These are typically events sanctioned by the global organization.

How many Experience Points do I earn for attending the Seattle game? 5 xp

Other ways to earn Experience Points:
• Attend another Underground Theater Game.

• You can earn up to 5 Experience Points by completing and turning in a game report (this will be a form available after each game) by the designated due date.

• Experience Point awards may be awarded to players for exceptional roleplay and costuming by the storyteller staff.

• Holding an out of game position locally will be rewarded with experience points.

• Playing a NPC for the storytellers.

• Helping with production such as set up / clean up at site.

• Participating in a downtime scene that is narrated by the storyteller.

• Participating in a private or small player driven scene on line in which the storyteller is cc’d on the meeting.

• Participating in a downtime “in person” scene with other players and submitting a report to the storytellers including who was present, the purpose and what was discussed or accomplished.

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