Growing Your Territory

Cultivating and growing your territory is highly desirable, especially in areas that can sustain relatively few Feeding Actions. Wise Kindred will take steps to build their territory up and make it the prime feeding territory that it is capable of being. This document details the rules we will use for Kindred to improve upon their territory.

Feeding Actions
Currently each territory has an assigned number of feeding actions between 1 and 6. This of course indicates the number of Feeding Actions this Territory can handle without consequence. This number can be increased. The maximum number of Feeding Actions any single Territory can attain is 8. You can only raise the number of Feeding Action in a single territory by three times the starting number with a limit of reaching 8. Thus a territory that started with a Feeding limit of 1 can at maximum increase this number to 3. One that starts at two can increase their Feeding limit to 6. Any Territory that starts with a 3 or higher can increase their limit to 8.

How does one increase the Feeding Actions in their Territory?
1) They must hold the Territory for a minimum of 2 months.
2) At minimum one Downtime Action must be dedicated during this two-month period to investigating the territory. This gives you insight into the territory and what is there, including potential complications or untapped potential.
3) No recent overtaxing in the territory. If your territory has had overtaxing in the last two months this action cannot be taken until the time has lapsed.
4) No Infamy Points on the Territory. A territory cannot be ‘grown’ with Infamy in place.

If the above conditions are met then a new Downtime Action can be used:
New Downtime Action: Grow Territory
You must state in your Downtime Grow Territory that you intend to improve the feeding in this territory by… (Examples: Opening a new night club, Having a regular evening arts festival, Opening some after hours private drinking establishments and so on) Then you must do one of the following:
1) Expend no less than 4 Resource Traits in the Territory; or
2) Expend no less than 4 Elite or Underworld Influences in the Territory.
- Both are support actions to your Downtime Action.

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