Other Places

This is not a comprehensive list. It's merely a list of those places that posted when their games occur. More than likely it will be out of date within months.

So WHAT?! We ain't good enough for you? Fine, try these games:

• Fayetteville: Cryptic Revelations (Camarilla/Anarch) The Dark Alliance-
• Little Rock: Throne of Stone (Camarilla/Anarch) -
• Little Rock: Labyrinth of Lies (Sabbat) -
• Springdale: Rage Across the Ozarks (Werewolf) -

• Sacramento: A River Darkly (Camarilla/Anarch) The Indomitable City -3rd Saturday I think

District of Columbia
• Washington, D.C.: Vitae Invictus (Camarilla/Anarch) – 2nd and 4th Sundays

• Tampa: A Glass House in a Hurricane (Camarilla/Anarch) –2nd and 4th Saturdays

• Atlanta: Atlanta Cinere Surgit (Camarilla/Anarch) – 4th Friday
• Atlanta: Rising Again (Sabbat) – 4th Saturday

• Chicago: Second City Chronicle (Camarilla/Anarch) The Crown Jewel -2nd and 4th Friday
• Chicago: Second Apocalypse (Werewolf) -3rd Saturday

• Louisville: Blood and Bourbon (Camarilla/Anarch) City of Kings – 3nd Saturday
• Paducah: Black and Blue Grass (Camarilla/Anarch) Inescapable Paducah – 1st Saturday
• Louisville: Brothers in Blood (Sabbat) – 4th Saturday
• Paducah: Diocese Sanguinar (Sabbat) – 1st Saturday

• Detroit: Danse Macabre (Camarilla/Anarch) –

• Joplin: UT 66 (Camarilla/Anarch) Crossroads at Joplin – //
• St. Louis: River City Revelations //(Camarilla/Anarch) – 2nd Saturday

North Carolina
• Charlotte: Dark Reflections (Camarilla/Anarch) –
• Fayetteville: Fayetteville by Night (Camarilla/Anarch) The Free Republik – Confusing schedule May 23rd then every other Saturday
• Gastonia: Gashouse Stockyard (Anarch) – //1st and 3rd Tuesdays
• Greensboro: Red Tower (Camarilla/Anarch) – Confusing schedule Saturday May 16th then every 2 weeks
• Hickory(same as Fayetteville): Dark Reflections (Camarilla/Anarch) – Confusing schedule Sunday May 10th then every 2 weeks
• Winston-Salem: Serpents& Sinners // (IA) – Confusing schedule//
• Greensboro: Red Sepulchre //(Sabbat) – //

North Dakota
• Fargo: (Camarilla/Anarch) – 2nd and 4th Saturdays

• Oklahoma City: Sanguine Fields (Camarilla/Anarch) – 1st Saturday
• Tulsa: Domain of the Black Gold (Camarilla/Anarch) – //
• Oklahoma City: The Sword of Oklahoma City //(Sabbat) – 3rd Saturday

• Chattanooga: River Valley Rage Unchained (Camarilla/Anarch) – First Saturday

• Houston: Bayou City by Night (Camarilla/Anarch) – Last Saturday

• Leesburg: Shadows Under the Mountain //(Camarilla/Anarch) – //

• Bremerton: Why u no haz fancy name neighba? (Anarch) – 1st Saturday
• Olympia: The Ashen Tower (Camarilla/Anarch) – Every Saturday
• Seattle: The Emerald Tower (Camarilla/Anarch) – Last Saturday (seriously you are on our site, look around)
• Tacoma: The Tower of Destiny (Camarilla/Anarch) – 3rd Saturday
• Seattle: Sword of the Sound (Sabbat) – 3rd Friday
• Seattle: Call of the Caern (Werewolf) – varied Fridays

• La Crosse: La Crosse by Night (Camarilla/Anarch) – 3rd Saturday
• Madison: Anarch City Blues (Camarilla/Anarch) – Anarch 4th Saturday; Cam/Anarch 5th Saturday
• Milwaukee: Ephemeral Redemption (Camarilla/Anarch) The Frozen Fortress – 1st and 3rd Fridays
• Madison: Lakes of Fire //(Sabbat) – 1st Sunday

• Vancouver BC: Terminal City Insurrection (Sabat) – 1st Game January 28, 2017

• Yonago: Blood in the Middle Country (Camarilla/Anarch) – 3rd Saturday

(Please note the term 'confusing' is used because you are making me do math. Math is only awesome when Donald Duck is showing me how to win at billiards.)
(Note of another notey sort: No offense is intended at picking fun of Bremerton. It's my duty.)

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