Britt Samson


Diary: Seattle, Jan. 3rd, 2014

Seattle's not what I was expecting. I thought there was going to be some action here after all the hype. I heard the Cam big bads came in and slaughtered everyone to a man. They probably deserved it anyway, but I want to see the reason so I agreed to leave the front and come and watch this lady. So far, the most productive thing I've done overhaul the Camaro and clean under my nails with my bowie knife while pretending to understand the words coming out of her mouth. I don't understand that woogie stuff. I'm not some occult acoly…acolypse or whatever.

Still, a job's a job and I'm in it win it.

Facts in Brief

Details for Britt Samson
Clan No Information
Sect Independent
Position Hopeful Resident
Player B.R. Beron
Situation Existing

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