Guy Fontaine the Leper Priest


Little is known of how Guy Fontaine became Kindred, he has never mentioned a sire nor has one ever claimed him. He first appeared in the early 15th century near Seville Spain ragged and on the very edge of wassail. Relegated to the care of the Nosferatu of Seville Guy recovered some of his humanity. Sympathetic to the rising frustrations of many neonates at the time Fontaine quickly found himself in cooperation with the budding Anarch rebellion. By the time word of Hardestadts defeat spread through the Kindred world, Guy was already an active Anarch. When the Anarch rebellion faltered and the leaders of the movement were resigned to make terms with the combined might of the Camarilla, Fontaine disappeared from Kindred society. It is assumed that he only congregated with those of his own clan since then and somehow made his way to the Americas in the 16th century. It was not until the late 20th century that Fontaine "reappeared" among the Kindred arriving at the Domain of Vancouver to visit the Nosferatu there.

Late in 2013 Fontaine left Vancouver arriving in Seattle drawn by the curious events that had taken place in that domain. A vacuum of Kindred influence existed there and the previous inhabitants were either forced out very quickly or destroyed in a single night. What mysteries were left behind unsolved? After arriving and establishing a haven deep below the city as well as ties with the other members of his clan it was decided that he should represent them on the council of Primogen.

Facts in Brief

*Although he does not claim any affiliation with the Anarch movement the Priest is often sympathetic still to those who do. This relationship probably kept him safe during the "Nights of turmoil" and he still probably owes a young anarch or two a favor.
*Fontaine isn't nearly as old as he is assumed to be, for that matter its quite possible that he isn't even an elder or a Nosferatu!?! Some think he belongs to some almost dead Ravnos bloodline.
*The Leper Priest was at the founding of the Sabbat and rose to some prominence within the sect until he was forced into hiding after a failed attempt to take over Sabbat as Regent.

Details for Guy Fontaine the Leper Priest
Clan Nosferatu
Generation Elder
Sect Camarilla
Position Primogen of the Nosferatu of Seattle
Player Brandon B.
Situation Existing

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