Isobel Lancaster


Isobel is a cold, cunning, calculated, and intelligent woman who arrived with her twin brother, Sebastian and associates almost immediately after the purge of all kindred in the greater Seattle area. Quick to secure power, the siblings took the city for their own with Isobel holding the throne while Sebastian and her coterie solidified their holdings in her name.
In summer of 2013 their lie was exposed and they fled Seattle leaving it without leadership.

Facts in Brief

• Not much is known about the new Praxis holder other than her Clan and her general demeanor.
• She appears to be quite modern for a kindred of her social standing and does not seem to have fallen into the trappings of age.
• Isobel is seldom seen without her twin brother or her other associates.
• It has been rumored she has an affinity for kindred that are outside of the Camarilla’s pillar clans.
• The Prince may be reached through her ghoul, Ryan Elliot

Details for Isobel Lancaster
Clan Lasombra-Antitribu
Generation Elder
Sect Idiot
Position Ex Prince of Seattle
Player Kerry B.
Situation Existing

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