Sebastian Lancastero


Sebastian Lancaster, along with his sister Isobel, are Lasombra Antitribu, who were best known for traveling from port to port and generally staying out of the affairs of their adopted Sect. Recently, drawn by the lure of a fresh start that Seattle promised, the pair sailed to the Emerald City and promptly claimed territory for themselves. In an unprecedented maneuver, his sister, Isobel, claimed praxis of the recently purged city and held it once more for the Camarilla.
In the summer of 2013 their lie was outted and they escaped leaving Seattle in a vacuum.

Facts in Brief

• The siblings are rarely seen far apart, but Sebastian seems more outgoing and charismatic than his dour and reserved sister.
• Rumored to once have roamed the seas as a privateer and pirate, this Lasombra seems ill-suited to a settled life.

Details for Sebastian Lancastero
Clan Lasombra-Antitribu
Generation Elder
Sect Idiot
Position Ex Primogen and Marshal of Seattle
Player James F.
Situation Existing

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