Ser Roland Of Bran


Ser Roland was born on the banks of the river Bran in the year 980 A.D. to a midwife. No father was named other than his mother often claimed he was a wandering Sidhe Knight. His mother sold him into indentured apprenticeship to Waylund Smith, the Smith at the Crossroads. Whether this was the actual Faerie, or a simply a man posing under the name is an oft asked question. What is not questioned is Roland's skill at the forge.

Roland was later freed to join the retinue of Andrew and his ghouls the Knights of the Sable Rose on their way to the Holy land for the first Crusade. Roland served his Domitor with honor and skill as a smith until the day he killed an Assamite ghoul during the day as his future Sire was asleep. Anthemios of Thrall was the guest of Andrew, and Roland was rewarded with a knighthood and later that night the embrace. It is said the King of Jerusalem knighted Roland himself.

Roland later joined the Knights Hospitaller and wandered with them until his sire called him to Constantinople to serve the court. Roland was often seen in the company of one Ser Pelleon, a renowned demon hunter and Baali foe. He was said to have educated Roland in the arts of war and faith. He instilled in Roland a faith that has never wavered.

Roland has been torpored several times during the centuries as his faith will not allow him to surrender to the infernal, and the Baali have on several occasions mustered large hosts of vampires and demons to stop him.

Roland was interred with several holy relics while in torpor. It was thought that he had made his final peace and was expected to never rise again, but the theft of those relics drove to awaken in the nights of the red star and seek out those thieves. Roland helped destroy several Infernalists during these nights, and found several of old companions who had also awakened.

In modern nights Roland has finally shaken off the dust of his torpor and acclimated to to modern technology. He has assisted in the destruction of several Baali, including a Methuselah known as Santiago.

Rumor brought him to Seattle where he has beem acknowledged as Primogen.

Roland has sought out those of the old faith to form friendships with and is actively seeking the thieves of the relics placed in his sleeping care.

Roland has no fear of dying and will challenge any who dispute his loyalty to clan and sect. He has faced any number of foes in he modern nights and crafted legendary items that are said to be near mystical in quality.

Roland has sought out ties to the Josians as well as the Gargoyles for whom he bares an unexplained loyalty.

Facts in Brief


-Ser Roland lost a child to Assamite Diablerie during the Anarch Revolt.

-Ser Roland is searching for something precious to him.

-Ser Roland is a lost Faerie Prince.

- Ser Roland keeps the lead effigies of several vampires he killed during the Anarch Revolt. Those effigies are said to depict vampires in a state of screaming agony.

"What man is a man who does not make the world better?"

"Blessed be my fate and my tools of expedience, I'm going to fulfill my mission divine."

Details for Ser Roland Of Bran
Clan Toreador
Generation Luminary Elder
Sect Camarilla
Position Primogen of the Toreador of the Domain of Seattle
Player Matt F.
Situation Existing

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