Simon Gaunt


Simon Gaunt lives up to his name. His skin is pallid and his cheeks and eyes are sunken in. To make these sunken features more pronounced, his bones appear to be too large for his body, sticking up under his skin at strange angles and giving him a brooding, skeletal Neanderthal look. As if that was not enough, his skin also looks pruned and clammy, as though he had spent too much time under water.

Gaunt dresses respectfully, wearing clean suit pants, undershirt and polished shoes. His fine clothing is a stark contrast to his deformed body. Maybe it is the dry cleaning of his clothing, but Gaunt always seems to have a faint scent of chemicals about him.

Little is known about Simon Gaunt before his arrival in the Court of Seattle. It is known that the Harpy of Atlanta sent a letter of introduction to the Prince, and that upon his arrival the Prince immediately placed him under the accounting of the Nosferatu Primogen. But in the same breath the Prince gave Gaunt domain over Beacon Hill in Seattle.

Facts in Brief

Simon Gaunt participated in the recent battle in Seattle to destroy a Black Hand cell that had been menacing the city for a year or more. After the battle it was revealed that Simons’ name was on a hit list for the assassins, along with the Prince and other prominent members of the court.

It is assumed that Gaunt resides somewhere in the Beacon Hill area, patrolling the territory on behalf of the Prince and the Nosferatu.

Details for Simon Gaunt
Clan Nosferatu
Generation Ancillae
Sect Camarilla
Position Deputy within the Domain of Seattle
Player Ian M.
Situation Existing

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