The Leper Priest


The Leper Priest, Guy Fontaine, is something of an enigma. His embrace was some time in the 14th century by a Nosferatu, but, the exact nature of his embrace and who his sire was is a mystery. He wears a shabby torn up priests cassock under several layers of robes and long coats. This and his knowledge of the Roman Catholic Church, particularly that of the Inquisition, are the only indications that he may have held some position in the Church during his mortal days.

Facts in Brief

  • Before his embrace Guy suffered from leprosy. His sire refused to heal the disease before Guy was embraced and so now the leprosy, like the vampire, exists in a suspended state.
  • Even though he was embraced in the early 14th century Guy is very much a modern vampire. He is very comfortable using computers and other electronic devices.
  • In his early years after his embraced Guy was an active antagonist during the Anarch revolt. After the signing of the Convention of Thorns he all but disappeared from vampiric society.
Details for The Leper Priest
Clan Nosferatu
Generation Elder
Sect Camarilla
Position Primogen of the Nosferatu of Seattle
Player Brandon B.
Situation Existing

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