Thorge is a nomad facinated with Gangrel lore and wolf cultures.

After spending centuries wandering Eurasia, he came to Seattle because of word that a Gangrel was on the throne as prince.

While a clan idealist, Thorge wants the Gangrel back in as a pillar clan so that their voice is well represented in the Camarilla.

Thorge savagely hates the Sabbat for taking his only childe from him long ago. He usually responds to Sabbat threats/presences suddenly, violently, and all over the place. Needless to say, a recent call by fellow Gangrel to eradicate many of their number in South America was quickly answered.

He has since returned to Seattle, and continues to further his goals of a Sabbat-free city, and asserting Gangrel presence in a constructive way for the Camarilla.

Facts in Brief

Details for Thorge
Clan Gangrel
Generation Elder
Sect Camarilla
Position Primogen of the Gangrel of Seattle; Sheriff
Player John S.
Situation Existing

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