Social Hygiene

A Note from Your ST

Social Hygiene

• We are not a protest group or splinter organization of disenfranchised players disillusioned with one or more of our sister organizations. You have made a terrible mistake if you have joined to commiserate or to trash talk others. People who engage in public rants about this club or any other will be asked to leave. You are welcome to your opinions you are not welcome to subject others to them.

• Underground Theater facebook discussion groups or other social media forums are not to be used to put down this or any other organization. You can go say whatever you want on your own page but not ours.

• Be supportive of each other. No ideas are bad ideas sometimes brilliance shares a thin boundary with absurdity. Do not stifle ideas or make disparaging comments when people present thoughts and ideas. Saying things like “that’s stupid” or “We’ve done that a million times before,” are not helpful or supportive. If you don’t like an idea that’s okay, be prepared to say why in a respectful and courteous manner.

• Storytelling is a constant experiment of trial and error. It is not a hard science with precise formulas and equations that lead us to desired outcomes. Not everything we do will work or work well. Support one another when this happens. Have coffee and talk about what didn’t work and why. Help people dissect the situation so we can learn from our mistakes. Comments like “I told you so” or “I knew it wasn't going to work” are not supportive comments will be considered disruptive behavior and make you look like an ass hat. Such ridiculousness and lack of constructive support is beneath us all.

• Keep your tempers and ego’s in check. Losing control of either will likely result in unbecoming behavior and expected maturity levels.

• Be receptive to feedback even if you don’t like what you are hearing. If you can’t handle feedback you aren’t going to learn or grow.

• We have all encounter people we don’t like or feel have treated us poorly in the past. Some of these people are in this club. Get over it! I don’t want to hear about it I want you to be a mature adult!

• If you are incapable of sharing space with someone you don’t like and require me to intervene be prepared to accept my decision on how to handle this situation. You may not like it.

• I have many friends in this organization. It is important to note that my friends are not entitled to anything from me. Attempts to take advantage of my friendship or seeking special treatment will likely result in the loss of my friendship and an invitation to leave the organization.

• Entitlement is not a part of this organization. Just because I hold a position does not mean I’m entitled to play the Prince or Sheriff. If your participation in the club is contingent on attaining some position in or out of game then you have set yourself up for failure.

• Always remember the focus here is having fun. We need to engage in the game in such a way that we have fun without trampling on the fun of others.

• Don’t be a selfish player. Everyone wants his or her time in the lime light and we want to make that happen. If the same three people are always at the center of attention something is terribly wrong.

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