The Seattle Underground

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This site is meant for adult Patrons of the Seattle Chapter of The Underground Theater. It is a game, people. Nothing here is real. Grow up and behave with common sense, intelligence, and maturity or move along. That said: Abide by the policies of Wikidot, The Underground Theater and the individual Chapter. Do not post anything illegal. Do not mess with other peoples posts without gaining permission. Once again, it’s that adult thing.
Do not make me waggle my old fart finger in your general direction, I can mother snap with the best AND worst of them.

Probably, most of the terminology used on these pages and other crap is in some way shape or form property of White Wolf, CCP, By Night Studios, Underground Theater, someone who once posted a pretty pic on the interwebs and stuck a Creative Commons stamp on it, or my dog. Please note the need to spout that out where appropriate.

As a side note: Pictures for the past residents are available on the original docs. They have been left off of this site due to licensing issues and space.


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Underground Theater

Social Hygiene

Other Games


Setting - 2014
Concepts and Chronicle Tie-Ins - 2014
In Game Travel to Seattle - 2014

Seattle's Stupid Status Stuff
Game Territories Mechanics
Growing Your Territory Mechanics

How to earn XP in Seattle - 2014
Proxy Instructions - 2014
Downtime Actions

2015 Downtime Report Guidelines
Downtime Report Example

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So You Want to Build Your Own Profile

Petty Prince of Seattle
Baron of Seattle

The World As We Know It:


Courtesies of the Emerald Tower

Rules of Elysium



Prince Casino Reed
Seneschal Christopher Codrington
Sheriff William Bolt
Keeper of Elysium Maurice Sanguis
• Scourge Vacant


Assamite - Sherrinford
Brujah - Mariah North
Malkavian - Hazel Osborne
Nosferatu - Starkweather
Toreador - THE HeaThYr
Tremere - Arthur
Ventrue - Nathaniel Pembrooke

Harpy Lyza

Nosferatu - Abram Shand
Toreador - Remix!

Independent Alliance

Don Marcus Rosselini
Heirophant Pandora Inridio


Alexandria Dr. Allcome
Anton Arthur
Allyzabeth Bellerose William Bolt
Christopher Codrington Galen
Marina Hassan Pandora Inridio
Mariah North Hazel Osborne
Nathaniel Pembrooke Casino Reed
Remix! Marcus Rosselini
Saito Maurice Sanguis
Abram Shand Sherrinford
Starkweather THE HeaThYr



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