Status Rulz

This is a simple guide to help consolidate some of the info in the book

Just getting that out there right off.

If your character is an elder in the Independent or Anarch sects … the Camarilla don’t care. You’re status is not the awesome. Vice versa. So, nobody in the other sects care if you poof yourself up as the end all be all super elder from the beginning of time. You gotta prove your worth.

Now, that said. Within the Camarilla your Status is not in effect until you are Acknowledged in the Domain you are present in. So, if you are a super elder from the beginning of time with huge status … it doesn’t matter if you aren’t recognized by the Praxis holder.

You cannot gain status, or give status, unless both parties are present in the same Jurisdiction. So if you want to give someone in Texas status you need to get your patookus to Texas and be Acknowledged by the local Prince.

The Inner Circle’s Jurisdiction is everywhere. Therefore, while working in their position, an Imperator, Alastor and Myrmidion’s Jurisdiction is everywhere. The Justicar’s Jurisdiction is everywhere. Therefore, while working in their position, an Archon’s Jurisdiction is everywhere. Not the same for a Servire.

The Forsaken status remains on the burdened character no matter where they go. However, the Prince’s bloodhunt is only good within their Domain. When Prince B declares that they support Prince A’s bloodhunt they aren’t actually expending anything to issue another Forsaken. What they are saying is if the Forsaken enters Prince B’s territory Prince B will allow the bloodhunt to continue on their Domain. They may, if the Forsaken enters their Domain also issue another Forsaken but it isn’t really necessary unless Prince A ends the bloodhunt.

Status is inherently known by any in the Camarilla. I dunno why. I think its just “because”. The reason for the Status and the granter of it is not inherently known. If you don’t know why someone has something an wanna know use the skill Leadership… or ask someone.

So what the fracks the difference?

Innate status is something bought at character creation. You can only lose it by being FORSAKEN. You are still known as a one time ARCHITECT but you can’t use that status anymore once you are FORSAKEN. There is no official ruling, that I can find, as to whether an Innate status returns if your FORSAKEN has been officially forgiven but I would expect that would make sense. If you expend the status you lose the passive benefits until the next game whereupon it refreshes.

Abiding status you gain through position or generation. If it is by position it goes away when you lose that position. If you gain a position that status does not go into effect until the next game. If you spend your abiding status it returns at the beginning of the next game. Like with Innate status if you expend the Abiding status you lose the passive benefits until the next game whereupon it refreshes.

Fleeting status is granted by another character with the appropriate status to do so. If you expend the Fleeting status you lose it and all passive benefits. It does not return the next game.
Jurisdiction with Fleeting status lasts for 30 days. So you only needed to have been in Texas within the last 30 days.
Should the individual who gave the character Fleeting status lose their position which the status was granted through OR meet final death, that Fleeting status is lost.

So what’s with a ban and what does it mean. Eh, not too much. Mostly it’s a stain on your characters reputation. It would be HIGHLY unusual for a character with a Greater Status Ban to be put in a position of authority. They just look sketchy.

Those with Lesser Bans can have a Maximum number of Fleeting Status of 3 (as opposed to 5). Abiding Status is not affected.
Characters affected by a Lesser Ban are:
• Those not Embraced by one of the pillar clans. Includes Gangrel.
• Those on a Path of Enlightenment.
• Those who do not have any boons registered with the Harpy.
• Those who were once Sabbat, within 10 years.

Now the iffy part of this ONLY effects Seattle. While in Seattle Gangrel are immune to the Lesser Ban as it applies to the non-pillar clan rule.

Those with a Greater Ban can have a Maximum number of Fleeting Status of 1 (as opposed to 5). Abiding Status is not affected.
Characters affected by a Greater Ban are:
• Known Caitiff.
• Those who’ve committed diablerie.
• Those who have joined the Camarilla within the last year.

A lovely 2pt FLAW called Accused of Heresy has the added effect of imposing the Greater Ban on any Neonate who possesses it.

You can only use your character’s Abiding status from one source per game. So if your character is an Elder and a Primogen you have to decide if you are using Noble OR (Confirmed, Established, Privileged) during game. You cannot switch back and forth. They are still considered Primogen you just have to choose which source of Abiding status they are using that evening.


Servire - ENFORCER
Seneschal - NOBLE (AUTHORITY when acting as Prince)
Primogen - NOBLE
Whip - (NOBLE when acting as Primogen)
Lesser Harpy - (GUARDIAN when acting as MASTER HARPY, there can only be a Master Harpy if there are two or more Lesser Harpies)
Keeper of Elysium - ENFORCER, GUARDIAN
Scourge - ENFORCER

Uh, oh. Your character got Negative Status. Here’s a rundown of what that means.

Your character just royally screwed up.

There ya go. Ok, reputationally speaking this is not a good thing. Your character looks like a rank amateur.

The big out: the status GALLANT or COURTEOUS allows the holder to spend it and be forgiven for any POLITICAL or ETIQUETTE error made in the last five minutes. It still happened but they have to be forgiven. Those with FAVORED can expend it to negate any negative status before it is awarded. Those with TRIUMPHANT can spend it to ignore the effects of negative status for themselves or another for one hour.

This one is the lesser of the negatives but the one that is easiest to be granted.

Anyone with NOBLE or PRIVILEGED can give VULGAR.
VULGAR only lasts for the one game session in which it was given. However, if you get a 2nd one in the same game session you are no longer VULGAR but are now WARNED (that’s worse).

All Fleeting Status is expended without effect. This means your character can’t use any Fleeting Status that game. You cannot gain any further Fleeting Status while VULGAR.

Holy crap, you’re in trouble.

If your character started with a VULGAR and got a second it immediately upgrades to 1 WARNED.
Those with AUTHORITY can spend it to give or remove WARNED. Those with LOYAL lose it instead of gaining WARNED.
If your character openly attacks or insults those with ESTABLISHED your character is automatically WARNED (those who have COMMANDER or TRIUMPHANT are immune).
If your character openly attacks those with FAVORED they automatically get WARNED (those who have AUTHORITY, COMMANDER or TRIUMPHANT are immune). This is why it is very important to know who you are dealing with.
Those with ENFORCER can spend it to give WARNED. Those with GUARDIAN can just give WARNED.
Those with VICTORIOUS can remove WARNED from themselves or another by spending it.

Now for the skinny, its speak until spoken to. You cannot speak to any officer in public unless they do so 1st. Cannot contradict any officer. If you screw up in these two areas you can avoid it by offering a MINOR BOON. The MINOR BOON must be accepted or your screw up gets you the Penalty. Officers may impose additional or alternative restrictions (per STs ok). Yep they can have you cut your hand off or perform other services.

It lasts for 2 games or 1 month, whichever is longer. It is cumulative. So if you get another it’s an additional 2 games or 1 month.

PENALTY: If you screw up further with your WARNED you gain DISGRACED and keep WARNED.

Well, you’re one step closer to final death.

If you gained this from WARNED you still have your WARNED and the effects are cumulative.
If your character refuses to obey the “leave the room” order from a PROMINENT after they have spent it you receive DISGRACED (those with HONORABLE are immune).
Those with GUARDIAN can spend it to give DISGRACED.

You’re character cannot carry weapons or actively use powers around an officer (any Disciplines) without their express permission. Cannot feed in sect territory. Sect … anywhere. Boons to you do not have to be repaid. If you screw up with these you can avoid it with the offer (and acceptance) of a Major Boon. Those who publicly insult you gain PRAISED.

Lasts as long as the WARNED lasts or 2 games/1 month, whichever is longer. This time can be extended by gaining more WARNED.

Penalty: For this one you can’t gain additional DISGRACED. If you screw up you gain FORSAKEN and keep WARNED and/or DISGRACED.

Pack it in now.

Those with AUTHORITY can spend it to give or remove FORSAKEN.
If your character had DISGRACED and further messed up they gain FORSAKEN along with any DISGRACED and/or WARNED (not that it matters much.

Your character is no longer considered ACCEPTED with the Camarilla and may be destroyed without repercussion. No status or boons are considered valid to or from your character. One person who kills your character gains TRIUMPHANT (in case it takes a crowd to off them).

It lasts until the character is formally forgiven by the initial granter and AUTHORITY is expended to remove it. If that is not done, even if your character is killed, they are still considered FORSAKEN. Bad rep lasts forever.

What are the status’ that can get your character in trouble? Oh, let me help you with that.

AUTHORITY: can give or removed WARNED. Inner Circle, Imperator, Justicar, Prince, Petty Prince, (Seneschal when acting as Prince)
COMMANDER: failing to obey a command from holder has all of your characters Fleeting status removed for one night. Inner Circle, Imperator, Myrmidion, Justicar, Archon, Alastor, Prince
ENFORCER: can give WARNED. Servire, Keeper of Elysium, Sheriff, Scourge
ESTABLISHED: those who attack or insult ESTABLISHED gain WARNED (those with COMMANDER or TRIUMPHANT are immune). Elders
PROMINENT: can force someone from a scene (those with HONORABLE are immune). Failure to obey gives the character DISGRACED. Harpy
GUARDIAN: can give WARNED. Additionally Keepers can give PROFANE and Harpies can give BOONBREAKER. Harpy, (Lesser Harpy when acting as MASTER Harpy), Keeper of Elysium
NOBLE: can give VULGAR. Archon, Seneschal, Primogen, (Whip when acting as Primogen), Harpy
PRIVILEGED: cannot be openly or effectively accused of lying (AUTHORITY, COMMANDER, PRIVILEGED, or TRIUMPHANT are immune). Can give the status VULGAR. Elders, Sheriff
SOVEREIGN: can only be openly contradicted in their Domain by AUTHORITY or PRIVILIGED. Can sanction a bloodhunt. Prince, Petty Prince

FLEETING so anyone can have it
COURTEOUS: completely OOC mechanic - cannot be the target of the Subterfuge ability.
FAVORED: anyone who attacks a FAVORED automatically receives WARNED (AUTHORITY, COMMANDER and TRIUMPHANT are immune).
HONORABLE: if you want to accuse an HONORABLE of lying you need to expend one positive status trait to do so.
PRAISED: can claim a Trivial Boon from anyone in the sect that does not already owe them.
SANCTIONED: um allowed to break one sect law as defined by the person who awarded it. Myrmidion

There is status that can thoroughly mess you up that your characters will. Hopefully, never see.

PRIMER INTER PARES (Innate): The ultimate trump card. This one out authorities AUTHORITY and allows the holder to use other people AUTHORITY. AKA scary bastages.

ASCENDANT (Abiding): This is an even greater ultimate authority card. Kind of like the ‘you have AUTHORITY? I have bazooka’. These holders are immune to orders and requirements of anyone who doesn’t possess the ASCENDANT status. When it is spent to issue DISGRACED or order a bloodhunt the result is global. If 3 are spent from different sources the target is Red Listed. It can also be spent to alter the practices of the Camarilla per the individuals position. Inner Circle, Imperator, Justicar

OMINOUS (Abiding): This is an NPC only status. It is the I give an order and you just know it comes from way up high status. It encompases any and all status gimmicks. If a DISGRACED or FORSAKEN comes from the OMINOUS status only another Inner Circle member can remove it. PRIMER INTER PARES holders can lick the shoes of the scary on this status. Inner Circle.

But wait, what other things can muck my character up, you ask …
Here ya go:

FLAWS can mess your character up to begin with.
As earlier mentioned we'll start with the 2pt FLAW Accused of Heresy. With that your character is treated as thought they have one less gen standing. So if your character is an Elder they are treated with the same Abiding status as an Ancillae. If they are Ancillae they have no Abiding status. If they are Neonate they are treated as if they are Caitiff and have a Greater Ban.

2 point FLAW Tainted Embrace maxes your characters Fleeting Status at 1 less than already allowed. This is on top of any Ban. So if you have a Greater Ban you can have no Fleeting Status and if you have a Lesser Ban you can only have 2 Fleeting Status. If you have no bans you can only have a max of 4 Fleeting Status.

What? You want good crap from status? Fine, here’s the good stuff and what status to suck up to in order to get it.

COURAGEOUS - Authority; Commander
COURTEOUS - Prominent; Sovereign
DEFENDER - Authority; Enforcer
ENFORCER - Commander; Sovereign
FAVORED - Established
HONORABLE - Authority; Prominent
LOYAL -Authority; Commander; Noble; Sovereign

Should your character publicly insult a DISGRACED individual they will receive PRAISED

One individual who destroys a FORSAKEN receives TRIUMPHANT

Someone with ACCLAIMED can grant another one of their Passive Bonus’ from one of their Status for one evening

On the night someone in the Jurisdiction receives VICTORIOUS others capable of giving positive status may do so without expending it

If your character repays a boon to someone with the MERIT Social Nobility they may choose to grant your character GALLANT

You want your character to have ARCHITECT -pay for it. It's a 2 point MERIT (Architect of the Tower).

You can pump up your characters abiding status while remaining a neonate or ancillae by purchasing the 1 point MERIT Machiavellian Prodigy.

For the low low cost of a 1 point MERIT (Prestigious Sire) you gain the Innate status of LOYAL so long as you and/or your sire do nothing to muck it up.

Yep there is a way for an Independent to have Camarilla status.

Emissary to the Camarilla (1 pt Merit) permits the character to have 1 Fleeting status.

However, should that individual ever become Accepted or Acknowledged in ANY Sect they immediately lose that Merit.
Now there isn’t anything in there about becoming Bloodhunted, having the Acknowledgement stripped, and then using Emissary again but anyone who would accept an Emissary that was bloodhunted would be in for a world of stupid.

Even though that individual has, or can have, 1 Fleeting status they are still not recognized as a member of the Camarilla. Therefore, no Camarilla member gives a crud about that characters generation. In other words, it doesn’t grant the holder any Abiding status or ability to hold such. They are still a non-person in the Camarilla. They are just the go-to guy between the Camarilla and their particular Independent group.

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