Traveling To Seattle

• There is of course Seattle International Airport (SEATAC) located approximately fifteen miles south of the city. Traveling this way requires you to go through multiple security checks. Basic Presence and Dominate powers as well as Obfuscate can get you through these checkpoints with minimal effort. If you do not have one of these powers you must contact the Storyteller to enter the city and resolve your encounter at SEATAC.
• Boeing Airfield offers an alternative way into the city. This is a private airport located within Seattle city limits. With the expenditure of 2 Resource Background Traits you may fly into Boeing Air Field with no hassle or questions.

• Seattle has an enormous port with both commercial and passenger vessels trafficking through Elliott Bay. Utilizing a privately charted vessel can cost you between 1 and 3 Resource Background Traits depending on the size and luxury of the vessel as well as how far you travel. How much you will need to spend to enter the city this way will be determined by the Storyteller, whom you should approach prior to your arrival.
• The Washington State Fairy System is the third largest fairy system in the world and offers people an inexpensive way to travel from the Peninsula and San Juan Islands this requires no special expenditure as the price is negligible.
• The Clippers: There are daily routs between Victoria, B.C. and Vancouver, B.C. for 1 Resource Background Trait any Kindred can travel from these locations without hassle or impediment into Seattle.

• South: Interstate 5 is the main route into Seattle from the south. There are no special restrictions to entering the city from this direction. If you have to pass through other cities on your way you might need to review the travel descriptions for those cities. If you are passing through Seattle via Interstate 5 there are no restrictions or complications. Nearest minor city Tacoma, Washington, nearest major city Portland, Oregon.
• North: Interstate 5 is the main route into Seattle from the North. There are no notable restrictions for anyone traveling by car coming from the north whether they are coming to Seattle or simply passing through. Nearest minor city Everett, Washington, nearest major city Vancouver, B.C.
• East: Interstate 90 is the least likely way to enter Seattle. Those who do take their life into their own hands, as they must pass through the Cascade Mountains, which in the wintertime is nearly impossible. It is particularly dangerous throughout the year as a result of a well-known Lupine presence in the region. Anyone traveling into the city via this route must contact the Storyteller to resolve possible encounters. Nearest minor city Spokane, Washington, nearest major city Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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