Setting Desolation

Setting Style Document

Theme: Revenge, Betrayal and Chaos

Mood: Bitter, Mysterious and Covetous

Scope: King County Washington

Setting: Camarilla, Factions: Anarchs

Graduated XP Cap: Yes

Clan Rarity Adjustments-
Common Clans: Setting Default
Uncommon Clans: Setting Default
Rare Clans: Setting Default
Restricted Clans: Setting Default

Setting-Specific Mechanics:
• Initial XP is to be determined by UT Lead Storyteller
• All concepts will be considered, if they support the Themes, Moods, and Setting of the game, and are constructed according to the rules in MET:VTM.

Chronicle Teaser:
“The dead tree gives no shelter.”
-The Wasteland (T.S. Eliot)

One year ago, while loving parents put tired children into safe, warm beds….

…. While lovers embraced with passionate desperation…

…while teenagers in black lipstick danced with furious intensity to a pounding alternative beat…

…the Toreador Justicar purged Seattle of every single Kindred.

When the archons had completed their grisly work – when the last drops of spilled vitae had flowed silently in the reeking sewers – they departed the city without an explanation, leaving only rumor, speculation, and the eternal rain in their wake. Their terrifying master remained behind only long enough to ensure that not a single vampire remained behind. Then he too took his leave without apology or explanation.

Once just another domain with its share of secret vampiric tensions, tonight the very mention of Seattle fills Elder and Neonate alike with unease. A city without Kindred offers a fortune in unclaimed domain, wealth, influence and sweet Kine blood; it’s all ripe for the taking. But few Elders, established securely in other cities, would prefer to gamble on a place with a reputation as a Kindred abattoir. And even the Sabbat, presented with its long-awaited chance to seize a major metropolis now that the Camarilla masters have fallen, appears reluctant to enter these haunted streets.

But vampires, like nature, hate a vacuum. Younger, less-established Neonates and Ancillae have now arrived to populate Seattle, and to make this city their own.

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